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The Wayzata Logistic Company takes a special pride in this

   FDFA/AFHT award as Patron Spirits first & exclusive

                 Asia/Pacific logistic & supply chain.

 In three years, the Patron Tequila Brand has gone from being a USA-centric to becoming a global player. The Patron Spirits Company set up its first international division in the Asia/Pacific region, 2005. Under the direction of Ted McDonnell, CEO, of the Liberty Lighthouse Group and Wayzata Company became a model for supplying global markets.

The Wayzata Company, is currently known as Oceanus AP and was proud to be the Patron Spirits Company key source for supplying all Asia Pacific Regional, Duty Free & Domestic markets, since its international inception. (2005 – 2011 Nov.)

This Award is voted by all the buyers in DF regardless of category chose Patron Spirits as the Best Supplier. Patron Spirits was up against heavy weights of the industry and all other duty free sectors.’ This is going to give us the opportunity to fill the gaps in the travel retail industry.’’ (JM)

 In 2009 the Wayzata Company became OCEANUS AP.

Ted McDonnell, Jr. – CEO

Liberty Lighthouse Group and Oceanus AP Company


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