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July, 2 We are wrapping up The Noble Bloggers Round #1 with a special message from Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, Founder and CEO of Casa Noble. Are you ready for Round #2? Because we are bringing them from all over the world
this time: some are old friends, but others will be total surprise. Click here to find out more, please:

July, 3 Did you hear the news? Casa Noble Tequila just launched The Noble Places, Check it out!

July, 3 Few moments are as meaningful to tequila as this image: the planting of the “hijuelos” or baby agave plants. Casa Noble uses compost made 100% from our tequila production residues, that provides nutrients, helps the soil retain moisture, and many other benefits. Our Organic certification is a valuable tool that helps our handcrafted, luxury tequilas start in the best way possible: blue agave plants that are nourished, cared and grown in a natural, sustainable
way. This is passion for perfection.

July, 5 Casa Noble Tequila & Carlos Santana Educational Video The Secret of Casa Noble’s tequila aging, finally REVEALED!. Watch Carlos Santana as he discovers why Casa Noble has such outstanding Reposados &
Añejos: The only tequila in the world to do this!

Welcome Casa Noble Singapore!

Cocktail Fridays will never be the same for Casa Noble. Because now you can choose from over 150 special, delicious cocktails made with Casa Noble such as this one. Yummy? Click here!

July, 8 The Noble Blogger Round#2 is just around the corner. And we have a super-special guest to kick off our second season! And thats is not all: a new and improved format, more variety and more continents. Do not miss the new
season premiere, tomorrow, right here!.

July, 9 Casa Noble Tequila is happy to be with Carlos Santana tonight, at Ravinia, in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Tequila Whisperer is on The Noble Bloggers! Yes, our second season kicks off with a loud BANG! and features none other than Lippy, your “Tequila Revealer”, as our featured blogger this week. Enjoy! Share!

July, 10 Baby agaves, called “hijuelos” (ee-huu-elos) grow from the mother agave plant’s root (also called rhizomes). This is how they start their life: attached to their mothers, to be detached later and re-planted so they can continue to grow on their own. At Casa Noble we take extremely good care of our babies, planted in organically enriched soil. Nature and our jimadores will take care of the rest. This is Passion for Perfection.

July, 11 Casa Noble, present at the 2012 X Games Los Angeles closing party. We had the honor of sharing some fun moments with stars like Skate winner Simon Lambey, Legendary Pro Skater and medalist Kareem Cambell,
Blindside’s Actor Quinton Aaron, and Smithsonian Photographer Kyleen Mir. Photos by

July, 12 Casa Noble & Taransaud Tonnellerie, a match made in Tequila heaven. We are proud to be the first distillery to use this masterpieces to age our luxury handcrafted tequilas. To learn more, please click here:

Did you miss Sunday’s Noble Bloggers post? Its none other that The Tequila Whisperer! Watch this incredibly funny, warm and revealing video here!:

An aged tequila masterpiece. The Casa Noble way: this is passion for perfection. Salud! Share if you like it!

July, 13 Casa Noble Cocktail Fridays: looking for a special cocktail made with Casa Noble? Go to and enter The Noble Places to find out!

Every drop inside this Riedel glass comes from a unique barrel of tequila, aged for over 5 years. The Casa Noble Single-Barrel program yields a small number of barrels every year, that only a few lucky ones will get to possess.
This, is passion for perfection.

July, 16 How much do you know about Tequila in Denmark? The Noble Bloggers Season 2, Round 2 is here, and we bring you a world premiere: Carl Wrangel & The Barking Dog, you are going to love it! Go to the full article here:

Commemorating 1 year of the start of a joint adventure, sharing our passion for perfection. Casa Noble & Carlos Santana: Celebrating Life Together in our 1st Anniversary.

July, 17 Casa Noble Tequila & Carlos Santana Educational Video

This video launched the news about the start of a joint adventure, sharing our passion for perfection. Casa Noble & Carlos Santana: Celebrating Life Together in our 1st Anniversary.

Our first Santana concert event together, an unforgettable experience in Colorado, an impressive natural venue surrounded by Red Rocks…Casa Noble & Carlos Santana: Celebrating Life Together in our 1st Anniversary

July, 19 Another delicious batch of perfectly cooked agave coming out of our artisanal, stone ovens. In about 7 more days, this will be transformed into Casa Noble Crystal: the purest tasting tequila in the world.

Do you want to learn how we make this amazing tequila? Come back here in a few minutes and we’ll have a superb video for you!

Casa Noble Tequila & Carlos Santana Educational Video
Carlos Santana & Casa Noble’s founder and CEO Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo take us on a private tour of our tequila distillery, an amazing educational video!.CasaNoble & Carlos Santana Celebrating Life Together in our 1st Anniversary.

For this Cocktail Friday, join us in our celebration of Carlos Santana’s birthday with your favorite Margarita made with Casa Noble. Salud, and Happy Birthday!

July, 21 Congratulations to our friends at Komali in Dallas TX, their fabulous Tamarind Margarita made with Casa Noble Tequila won Best Margarita in Dallas.Again!

July, 22 Casa Noble Tasting in Tokyo at Japan Tequila Association

July 23 Do you think Tequila has magic powers? The Noble Bloggers this week feature a story that will make your heart feel warm and happy, a story about a fight for survival, and tequila friendships. Do NOT miss “Tracie & the Magic
Bottle”! Click here:

Come to Sierra Golds @ North Buffalo Drive, in Las Vegas, to see new Casa Noble & Santana Locker, and sip on the Casa Noble SierraRita! Grand opening

July 23 Lucky Winners of Santana Concert tickets @ Little Havana, congratulations!

July, 24 Casa Noble is proud of being part of Seize Sur Vingt’s 14th Anniversary Celebration. Find out more about this event here:


“You’re pretty much required to give the best margarita in Dallas a whirl (or two,if you’re feeling adventurous). It’s still Komali’s tamarind version, made with Casa Noble Resposado, Cointreau, tamarind purée, and fresh lime served with
a spiced rim.”

This National Tequila day, we’d like to celebrate in a slightly different way: by honoring the heritage, tradition, beauty, grace, elegance and dignity of TEQUILA, with our deepest respect and love. Celebrating life & tequila together,
with you, our friends.

This is our tribute to the Angels that come and share their magic inside our barrels, and leave us with a glorious example of what it means to share. We raise our glass to you. This is Passion for Perfection. Salud amigos!

July, 25 Some nice memories from the East Coast Tour 2012 stop at Ravinia Festival, near Chicago. We had a chance to share amazing moments with Carlos Santana and Casa Noble friends before the concert. Join us for more reports from other tour stops!

July, 27 Casa Noble brings you a HUGE selection of specialty cocktails made with our fantastic family of handcrafted, luxury tequilas, such as the “Spirit of Agave”. Look for them right here!

Casa Noble wishes to congratulate House of Blues for dominating the 2012 Billboard Magazine list for “The 25 Hottest Clubs in North America”. Don’t forget to order your Supernatural Margarita made with Casa Noble Tequila!

Thank you Leung Yick Distribution Company of HONG KONG for placing Casa Noble on the back of your Delivery Trucks.
* Does your company have a similar display’s? Please take a photo and send it into me.
* Does your distribution company need art work to place Casa Noble on your trucks or other? Please contact us and I will make it HAPPEN!

Santana’s Casa Noble Tequila is now in the Philippines

Iconic American rock guitarist Carlos Santana is Casa Noble’s CEO and part-owner. Photo source:

With the traceable influence of Mexico in the country’s cultural fiber (think of the Manila-Acapulco trade during the Spanish colonial era), it’s small wonder that Filipinos celebrate Cinco de Mayo—or at least use the date as a warrant to munch nachos and tacos, or drown in Mexico’s inebriating gift to the world: tequila.

According to model Borgy Manotoc, despite the notoriety of tequila among younger drinkers, it still boasts itself as one of the world’s best alcoholic beverages.

“Tequila’s got a very bad rep sometimes because everyone sees it as just a shot of alcohol and some young people have a bad experience because they say it’s a little bit difficult [to drink],” he said.

“But I think when they understand the product and they understand the flavor of the tequila, they will start to really appreciate the taste, and not just the fact na medyo matapang siya,” Manotoc added. He also said that tequila has a “flowery” taste that people will only appreciate once they start to get acquainted with the said drink.

Tequila is an alcoholic drink produced from blue agave plants growing at the culturally-rich state of Jalisco in Mexico. Aside from drinking it straight or served on a shot glass rimmed with salt with a slice of lime, it is also mixed with orange liqueur, lemon and lime juice to make famous margarita.

So how is tequila made?

These blue agave plants take more than a decade to fully mature and when they do, they are taken out of the grown and their leaves removed until the core or piña is left. Next, they are taken to the distillery and cut before they are loaded into special furnaces to roast the piñas. After cooking them for about thirty-six hours, the cooked cores are shredded and the juice is extracted, which will be fermented for five days.

After fermentation, the tequila is distilled twice, or thrice in other distillers, to produce the nice aroma of the blue agave plant and at the same time, for the tequila acquire its pure taste. While most of tequilas are ready after distillation, some of them are aged for two months to obtain the golden color. However, distillers such as Casa Noble age some their tequilas for one year, while others last up until five years, which makes it the oldest tequila in the market.

Casa Noble’s variations include Cyrstal, Reposado, and Anejo. Photo source:

At a recent product launch of Casa Noble held at the Opus Lounge in Resorts World, Manila, tequila aficionados gathered together to enjoy shots of the premium drink. Borgy, who was one of the event’s guests, says, “Casa Noble is all about the product. There are no shortcuts in the production. Everything is done to the highest quality. This is the same family that’s making tequila and growing agave plants from the same place for 300 years, so they have really perfected their craft in a way that nobody else has done.”

Interestingly, Carlos Santana, a Mexican, multiple Grammy Award-winner, and iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, has joined the Board of Casa Noble and is now one of the owners of the brand.

“It is the only tequila in the world that is [certified] USDA organic. It means that on the entire property that produces the product, there are no chemicals used, no pesticide, and even vehicles that come in should have their tires sprayed so they don’t pollute the property,” he furthered. Manotoc also serves as the brand’s ambassador to the Philippines.

Casa Noble is brought to the Philippines by Calvo Imports, Inc., owned by the same people that brought Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC). Watch PXC at AKTV, TV5′s sports and lifestyle channel.

Casa Noble as seen on the bar of Opus Lounge in Resortsworld, Manila. Photo by Dino Mari L. Testa,

Santana’s Casa Noble Tequila is now in the Philippines

Source: – Lifestyle

Over the years Casa Noble Tequila has been written up as the Best of the Best in the 100% Tequila Category.
Many times Casa Noble Tequila is compared to a handful of 100% Tequila’s but never to PATRON. WHY?
Read here….
Posted: 05/04/2012 7:29 am

It happens every year. I get a bunch of tequilas or mezcals or agave nectars or orange liqueurs in the mail. I think, well, this margarita-centric stuff doesn’t fit with the in-depth exploration I’m working on of schnapps made in the greater West Virginia area, or the pastrami-flavored vodka review I have to write for next week. I’ll leave it until Cinco de Mayo. Inevitably, before I know it, it’s Cuatro de Mayo, and instead of writing about tequila or anything vaguely Mexican, I’m working on a piece about chocolate chip cookie-infused aquavit, or the best armagnacs to drink with Cheez Doodles.

So, without further ado, here’s a quick little shout-out to some of the best tequilas and related products I’ve had the pleasure to sample over the last year, and to the PR flaks who faithfully remind me about Cinco de Mayo starting in, oh, November or so.

Here’s to you, Casa Noble Tequila, whose blanco, reposado and añejo are all among the finest tequilas you can quaff. My favorite is the añejo, triple distilled and aged in French limousin oak barrels, with a damn near perfect balance of vanilla, agave and earthy/grassy flavors and a long, smooth finish that will leave you going “Aaaahhhhhh….” And the bottles are as attractive as the tequila inside is delicious.

Muchas gracias, Dr. Adolfo Murillo, creator of Tequila Alquimia, one of the best tequilas you’ve probably never heard of. Certified organic and housed in bottles made from recycled glass, Alquimia is both earth-friendly and mouth-friendly. The blanco may be the best I’ve tried all year, with soft anise and grape notes that make it delicious both in a margarita and sipped on its own. The reposado is a stunner as well, with strong vegetal, vanilla and pepper notes. And the añejo is simply out of this world — soft and velvety, caressing your taste buds and doing everything but singing Mexican folk ballads softly in your ear. If you see Alquimia at your local watering hole or liquor store, don’t hesitate. One sip and you’ll be thanking Dr. Murillo too.

A hearty ¡ay, Dios mio! to Patron, the groundbreaking premium brand whose Gran Patron Burdeos will run you in the neighborhood of $500-700. Patron blew my mind and broke me out of the Cuervo Gold ghetto when I first tried it in the ’90s. But after the distillery was moved in 2002, its quality and reputation suffered, to the point where it’s de rigeur for serious tequila fans to either ignore or belittle the brand. This super-high end bottling, finished in vintage Bordeaux barrels and housed in stunning handcrafted black walnut boxes, has had its share of both ecstatic and horrific reviews. I’m closer to the ecstatic camp. It’s definitely an odd one, with the Bordeaux barrels giving it flavors of dark fruits and more intense caramel notes than you’d find in a typical tequila. But of course, it’s not supposed to be a typical tequila, is it?

Big Cinco de Mayo props to Milagro Tequila, who sent me one of the spiffier gift packs I’ve gotten in recent memory. The “World’s Freshest Margarita” kit included a Boston shaker, a lime press — essential for margarita making! — Milagro’s own Silver blanco tequila and agave nectar, fresh limes and a beautifully bound hardcover recipe book, containing recipes for margaritas and much more, in a handsome tote bag to carry it all. Is it the world’s freshest margarita? Well, I guess it’s in a tie with every other margarita made with fresh squeezed lime juice. But it’s tasty, that’s for sure — Milagro Silver makes a fine margarita. On its own, it’s got a lovely, herbal and slightly mineral flavor with a bit of citrus on the entry. As a mixer, it’s full-bodied enough to stand up to whatever you throw in with it.

As for the agave nectar included in the kit, I much prefer sweetening my margs with orange liqueur (or triple sec or curaçao), which complements the agave in the tequila in a way that simply adding more agave in the form of nectar can’t. Which is why I tip my chapeau to Mandarine Napoleon. Sure, it’s French, but your margarita definitely won’t mind. Most orange liqueurs use a neutral spirit base, but Napoleon, like Grand Marnier, uses a cognac base, which gives the whole shebang a much deeper, richer and more complex flavor. It also uses Sicilian mandarine oranges rather than the more traditional curaçao oranges. It’s a liqueur, so it’s a little sweet and syrupy when consumed on its own, but it makes for a mean mixer, comparable to Grand Marnier itself. And legend has it that this stuff was first created for Napoleon himself. Pretty cool, right?

Mixing rum and tequila? Sounds gross, right? But not if you flavor your margarita with Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb orange liqueur, which uses Clement’s superlative rhum agricole (meaning rum distilled from cane juice rather than molasses) as a base. It’s got a beautiful, zesty orange flavor that’s lighter and less sweet than most triple secs, and a finish that’s got a lot of wood as well as orange notes. I wouldn’t have believed that it could work in a margarita… until I tried it. A big “¡Saludos, amigos!” to Martinique’s finest.

And last but not least, a misty-eyed “Yo recuerdo, querido” to El Teddy’s, the legendary and long-gone Tribeca watering hole. As a callow youth in the mid ’90s, uneducated in the way of drinking for quality instead of quantity, El Teddy’s opened my eyes to the magic of margaritas. Cocktails with fresh ingredients and premium spirits weren’t as ubiquitous back then as they are today. To taste a ‘rita made with fresh-squeezed lime juice and a tequila that wasn’t Cuervo Gold — and shaken in a shaker rather than frozen in a blender, no less! — was an eye-opening and mind-expanding experience that will stay with me until the last sip of tequila crosses my lips. I miss that place to this day.

¡Tenemos que beber ahora! Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

Celebrated 200-Year-Old Boutique Distillery Ready to Shine with a Year of Promotions and Events

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Casa Noble Tequila is looking to 2012 as a year of new beginnings. With a series of promotions and events, the organic tequila company has set its eyes on new markets and campaigns for 2012. Casa Noble will see changes to its social media platforms including regular updates on the company’s Facebook and website, as well as the addition of a newsletter, previously reserved for the beverage industry, which will soon be available to fans who sign up at Alongside these changes, Casa Noble will release a new ad campaign featuring the newest edition to the Casa Noble family, Carlos Santana. The Casa Noble mobile app – available on iPhone with the Android platform coming soon – will also get a face lift with the inclusion of cocktail recipes and featured dishes that pair with the tequila in new and innovative ways. Soon to be announced promotions around the United States will bring new eyes and fans to the long celebrated brand.

Casa Noble CEO Jose Hermosillo said, “Casa Noble has been growing exponentially, even in such a competitive market with the large multi-national companies that invest millions in advertising, and so many non-industry newcomers with deep pockets who have found the tequila business so appealing. I believe our commitment to quality and the attention to every detail is key to Casa Noble, which has made tequila fans and high quality spirit aficionados take notice.”

2011 proved to be a milestone year for Casa Noble when BusinessWeek, who previously named Casa Noble as one of the “World’s Best-Tasting Tequilas,” gave the brand’s Reposado top marks – 5/5 stars – in their December 2011 issue, putting it above all others in the taste test. Another highlight of 2011 was the addition of music icon Carlos Santana who joined the board and came on as one of the owners of the company. This exciting change to the organization allows Santana to be involved in the continued development of the brand which is already recognized as one of the finest handcrafted spirits in the world.

Hermosillo, commenting on the shared long-term commitment to the continued growth of the brand, said, “With Carlos becoming a part of the family last year, we see 2012 as a chance to position Casa Noble as the ultra-premium tequila of choice, we are very excited to see what is ahead.”

A renowned boutique distillery, Casa Noble represents the pride, passion, and quality commitment of more than 200 years and over 7 generations of tequila production. The Casa Noble family of Single Estate Organic tequilas — Crystal, Reposado, and Anejo — has a rich history that has earned them a position as one of the finest ultra premium spirits portfolios in the world. Casa Noble’s handcrafted tequilas are exported to over 23 countries worldwide and currently available in premium retail outlets, exclusive restaurants, distinguished bars and lounges and destination hotels Nationwide in the U.S.

Casa Noble is produced on a family owned distillery that can trace its roots back to 1776 along the hillsides of Jalisco, Mexico surrounded by citrus and mango trees, which are integral to the tequila’s unique taste profile. The tequila is harvested, distilled and bottled on the private family estate that boasts over 6,500 acres of land and more than one million blue agave plants.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of events and promotions over the next few months.

For more information, visit

Casa Noble 100% Organic TEQUILA’S and Carlos Santana partnership will elevate the brand awareness and promise to loyal drinkers of quality; 100% Organic Agave, Aged in French White Oak Barrels, Aged in barrels longer than most other 100% Tequila, 10-12 yrs. growing our Agave Plants, Volcanic Waters.

That is complemented by our Packaging; Gem like bottles that is wrapped in elegant tissue paper and packed in an elegant purple Gift Boxes.

Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, gave Casa Noble a very special recognition for its ground breaking performance in the Asian markets, pioneering the way for many more Mexican products into China and other Asian countries. By winning the coveted Special Gold Medal at the most recent Asian World Spirits Competition, Casa Noble Anejo earns a privileged status not just among other tequilas, but also among the best spirits of the world.

In the event organized by Bancomext (Mexican National Commerce Bank) more than 250 Asian and Mexican businessman attended, including such notables as President Fox, the Ambassador to China in Mexico, Mr. Ren Jingyu, Secretary of Economy Mr. Fernando Canales and Bancomext President Hector Reyes Retana.

A total of sixteen companies were given a special award that recognizes Mexican entrepreneurs whose groundbreaking work is opening doors to new borders and markets. Mr. Carlos Hernandez, President of Casa Noble Tequila received from the hands of Mexican President this singular honor, as Casa Noble became the only boutique distillery to receive such award ever.

With trade to China from Mexico estimated to reach 200 billion dollars this Year, the potential for tequila in Asia looks extremely attractive, and with the outstanding leadership in branding and marketing strategies, Casa Noble stands out as a definitive leader once again.

LOS ANGELES CA, JUNE 9 – Casa Noble Tequila is set to expand into Asia/Pacific region with the appointment of Liberty Lighthouse Group as the exclusive broker for the territory. “Edward (Ted) McDonnell Jr. is known for his keen business experience and strong brand building skills; he and his organization are going to be strong partners as the brand rolls out in Asia,” said Jose Hermosillo, CEO and Founder, Casa Noble Tequila.

The Liberty Lighthouse Group will initially be introducing Casa Noble to China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, S. Korea, Micronesia & Commonwealth Northern Mariana Nations, Australia and New Zealand. Following that the group will focus on Thailand, Philippines and India.

“These countries are important for the brand – in terms of volume and placement. This is a strategic step in growing the brand as the category continues to gain share in these markets, continued Hermosillo.

Casa Noble will now be warehoused in Singapore for regional distribution with the Oceanus AP company, under the guidance of Noni Mangubat and Edward (Ted) McDonnell Jr.

A renowned boutique distillery, Casa Noble represents the pride, passion, and quality commitment of more than 200 years and over 7 generations of tequila production. The Casa Noble family of triple-distilled Organic tequilas-Crystal, Reposado, and Añejo- has a rich history that has earned them a position as one of the finest ultra premium spirits portfolios in the world. Casa Noble’s handcrafted tequilas are exported to over 23 countries worldwide and currently available in premium retail outlets, exclusive restaurants, distinguished bars and lounges, and destination hotels across 41 states in the U.S.

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