Brokers Gin

Brokers Gin

2010 – Chairman’s Trophy Winner classed as “Extraordinary / Ultimate Recommendation”
2009 – Gold Medal Internationaler Spirituosen-Wettbewerb, Germany
2008 – Masters Award London Gin Masters, UK
2007 – Platinum Award & Best of Show World Beverage Competition
2006 – Editor’s Pick Bon Appétit magazine, September 2006
2005 – Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
2004 – Gold Medal & 94 Points International Review of Spirits, Chicago Beverage Testing Institute
2003 – Best Gin Food & Wine magazine 2003 Spirits Awards

Made with the finest Herbs, Spices and Fruits Imported from three Continents, 100% English grain, triple distilled BROKER’S Gin is SPECIALLY BLENDED TO BE DRY… All the ingredients are natural and no artificial flavors, oils or essences are used in the making of Broker’s Gin. The distillery and the bottling facilities are all located in the UK.

The rich mixture of natural ingredients, each carefully selected, produces a drink of outstanding flavour and freshness. BROKER’S is the perfect basis for a GIN & TONIC, unquestionably one of life’s great pleasures.

Spirit Journal – “Highly recommended. Four stars” by F. Paul Pacult

Bottle Sizes: 1Ltr., 750ml., 70cl., and 50ml. (40% and 47%)

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Casa Noble Tequila

100% Blue Agave Certified Organic

Casa Noble ultra premium tequila begins as carefully selected mature Blue Agave plants, which have met our strict requirements for water and sugar content. We employ only traditional methods and slow-cook our rich agave pinas for 38 hours in stone ovens. Then, using only the core and hearts of the agaves, we extract their sweet nectar. Our fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by a triple distillation. The result is a tequila so pure and full of agave flavor that it has elevated the concept of tequila to new levels around the world.

Casa Noble’s Organic Certification

The untainted richness of the earth, water, and sunlight, contribute to the extensively high standards Casa Noble has set for itself over the years. In addition to the use of the purest resources, Casa Noble Tequila had prided itself in an all natural cultivation of our blue agave fields and full production of all our super premium tequilas. Casa Noble is proud to bare the USDA Organic Certification symbol as part of our unsurpassed expectation of premium quality and devotion to an environmentally conscious way of life.

Casa Noble Tequila Brands are Produced and Bottled in Mexico. 40% Alc/Vol (80 Proof). 100% Blue Agave.

Casa Noble Tequila Brands

Casa Noble Tequila Brands

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Compass Box Whisky

Specialist whisky blenders

Compass Box is a specialist Scotch whisky company. We are devoted to making some of Scotland’s premier whiskies through the art of blending.

We work like fine wine negociants. We choose individual casks of whiskies from different distilleries that offer complementary sets of flavours. We carefully blend these casks in small batches to make our proprietary whiskies.

We bottle a range of types of Scotch whisky: malt whiskies, grain whisky, malt & grain blends. But at the core of everything is a desire to bring out a purity of flavour, a richness, a drinking experience that will call you back to the glass. To me, this latter point is the true measure of a whisky’s quality.

Products: Asyla, Eleuthera, Hedonism, Peat Monster, Oak Cross, Flaming Heart & Orangerie.

Bottle Sizes: 750ml, 700cl and 50ml.

Available in the Asia/Pacific Markets: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand and Malaysia.

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Janneau Armagnac

The Most Awarded Armagnac in the World!

Founded in 1851 by Pierre Etienne Janneau, Janneau is the oldest of the great Houses of Armagnac. Janneau’s vast stocks and unparalleled collection of old Armagnacs enables the skillful blending of several different Armagnacs to create consistent, award-winning styles.

Two different methods are allowed by regulation to distil Armagnac, the continuous distillation method called ‘Armagnacais’ and the ‘Double Distillation’ method using pot stills.

At the House of Janneau they blend brandies produced by both methods, a characteristic which distinguishes their Armagnac from all others.

Janneau continues to lead the field within Armagnac providing excellent quality, innovative contemporary packaging and labelling which clearly defines age and quality.

Janneau Armagnac Brands

Janneau Armagnac Brands

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McCormick Distillery

McCormick Distillery

McCormick’s Distilling Company is the oldest operating USA distillery since 1856.

McCormick Distillery motto is “Premium Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.” McCormick is stronger than ever with an exciting new mix of innovative products, exceptional quality and remarkable value. It’s an unrivaled combination – based on nearly 150 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to the future.

The McCormick spirits are leaders in most USA spirit categories. (For example: McCormick’s Vodka is the 2nd best selling American Vodka.) McCormick’s Distillery not only produces a complete range of high quality spirits but some of the highest rated Premium spirits:Tequila Rose is the 2nd best selling cream liqueur and the number 1 selling Tequila Liqueur globally. Tarantula Azul the world’s number 1# selling Citrus flavored tequila and many more premium spirits.

Products: Tequila Rose flavours, KeKe Beach, Egg Nogg Cream, Tarantula Azul, Tarantula RTD, SGT. Peppermint, Hussong Tequila, Pancho Villa, Montego Bay – West Indie Rum, McCormick’s Vodka… and many other spirit brands.

Bottle Sizes: 1.75 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 750ml, 375ml, 200ml, 50ml, PET & Glass

Available In:

McCormick’s Irish Cream: Guam, Taiwan and Japan.

Tequila Rose Strawberry: Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

McCormick’s Gin: S. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Guam, Philippines, and Thailand.

McCormick’s Rum: Guam-Micronesia, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

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The Patron Spirits Company

Patrón Tequila is the world’s number One ultra premium tequila, outselling it’s nearest competitor by eight times in the United States alone.The Patrón Spirits Company is dedicated towards the pursuit of perfection. In 2004 Patrón Tequila was recognized with the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences Five Star Diamond Award. Patrón is the first spirits brand ever to receive this prestigious honor. In 2004, Patrón received Impact Magazines “Hot Brand of the Year Award”.

Patrón Tequila’s: Gran Platinum Patrón, Patrón Añejo, Patrón Reposado, Patrón Silver, Patrón XO Café, Patrón Citrónge.

Pyrat Rums: Pyrat 1623 Cask, Pyrat XO Reserve.

Bottle Sizes: 1.75L, 1L, 750ml, 375ml & 50ml

Patron Citronge, Pyrat, Silver, Anejo, XO cafe, XO rum, Reposado: Available in Guam-Micronesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indo-China, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Fiji, Maldives, South Korea and Iraq.

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Sagatiba has established a category which marks an evolution in the history of Cachaça. It is the only Brasilian company focused on the large scale production of a premium Cachaça aimed at the international spirits market. The name Sagatiba comes from the Nordic suffix ‘saga‘, meaning heroic, legendary search and ‘tiba‘, from the Brasilian native language known as tupi-guarani, meaning many times, infinite. Together, these words represents Sagatiba’s infinite search.

Sagatiba Achievements

  • BTI – Sagatiba Pura and sagatiba Velha Esplendida were awarded 91 and 92 points out of 100, and considered Exceptional spirits. Sagatiba Preciosa scored 96, making it one of the best spirits in the world, considered Superlative.
  • San Francisco World Spirit Competition – 4 medals, including top awards for Sagatiba Velha.
  • BBC – The British TV Channel produced a documentary about Sagatiba, presenting the birth of a global brand.
  • Wallpaper – The passion fruit and pepper-based cocktail was considered the drink of the year by the renowned magazine Wallpaper.

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An award winning range of 100% Tequila

Daring and proudly Mexican, tequila represents Mexico as it once did the ancestral belief in the god represented by the Feathered Serpent, called Kukulkán among the Maya, Quetzalcoatl among the Mexicas and Coo Dzahui among the Mixtecs.

That is why in Tequila “La Serpiente Emplumada” (The Feathered Serpent) are joined the pride by the pre-Hispanic roots of Mexico with the vision of Mexicans focused on the future of the most Mexican drink of all.

Made to share the taste of Mexico in the world Tequila “La Serpiente Emplumada” is distilled with the same patience and wisdom with which Kukulkán appears every summer solstice in Chichen Itza. Portentous as the pyramids of Teotihuacan and as modern as its people.

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ICONIC® Brands, Inc. is a trailblazing import and marketing company innovating boutique and emerging spirits based in Industry, CA. It is the exclusive marketer of APOCALYPTO® Tequila, DEADHEAD® Rum, and SANGRE de VIDA® Tequila.

Mixing quality and value with culture and uniqueness, ICONIC’s® foundation rests on its team’s interlocking strengths: tight collaboration, fresh ideas, branding expertise, industry experience, and seasoned management. ICONIC’s® strategy is to establish strong visual branding — edgy, but culturally very traditional.

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Indio Spirits Distillery is the third largest distillery in Oregon and was the vision of CEO John Ufford in 2004. The following year, well respected spirits industry professional Robert (Bob) G. Turner joined as President and Partner. Starting with 3 signature vodkas, they worked tirelessly, striving to bring new and top quality products to market. Indio Distillery, in association with the Snake River Stampede Rodeo, Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky was produced in 2006, starting down the path of many award-winning whiskeys. Since 2006, Indio has raised the bar both locally and nationally with a unique array of award winning/specialty products and National Award-Winning Whiskeys. Indio continues to produce top quality spirits and earned more awards than any other distillery in the Northwest.

This year new addition: James Oliver Single Grain is 100% corn aged in new American oak and re-charred Boudreaux barrels as well as our Provenance series where we finish whiskey in ex-beer barrels. Indio Spirits will be adding 2,800 gallon stills this year. This should give us the opportunity to create special and unique whiskey long into the future.

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